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Wealth Management & Investment Services


Financial Planning
We define and implement a tailored Investment Policy using various financial products and strategies to help achieve desired outcomes.

Investment Tax Planning
By understanding the various Schedules, deductions, adjustments and credits on the tax return as well as three principal forms of income (earned, passive and portfolio), we may uncover ways to reduce a client’s income tax liability.

Special Situations Planning
We have an acquired expertise in the types of events that generally occur only once in a lifetime, such as the sale of a business or commercial property, divorce from a successful spouse, an inheritance, an insurance settlement, or a lottery win.

Retirement Planning
Our core talent includes crafting personalized retirement plans using proprietary software (and our specialized processes) to help clients realize their unique vision of financial independence.

Corporate Executives & Highly-Compensated Employees

Investment Risk Management
Our experience enables us to help our clients manage risks associated with concentrated single stock positions as well as advise retirement plan fiduciaries/trustees.

10b5-1 Plans
We are able to advise on timing and disposition of company stock for corporate insiders.

High Net-Worth Individuals
For high net-worth individuals, we offer alternative investments such as managed futures, energy exploration programs, REITs and derivatives to help optimize a portfolio’s risk/reward.

IRC 1031 - Like-Kind Exchange
By utilizing provisions of the IRC, we assist clients in deferring payment of capital gains taxes resulting from the sell of income-producing real estate or business property.


Business Retirement Services
We can help determine appropriate retirement plans for your company, including 401(k) plans, SEPs, SIMPLEs and defined benefit plans.

Cash Management
We regularly advise on a range of highly liquid short-term investments to fulfill operational requirements and minimize risk to principal.

Deferred Compensation for Key Talent
We consult and structure deferred compensation and supplemental 401(k) plans for executives or specially-skilled talent.

ERISA 404(c)/Retirement Plan Consulting
We utilize industry “best practices” and contemporary tools to reduce liability of qualified plans and to enhance the overall plan-process.

Group Health and Welfare Plans
Our independent status allows us competitive access to health, life, disability, long-term care and pension insurance for employer-groups with major insurance carriers.

DeRamus Wealth Management, LLC
12655 N. Central Expressway, Ste. 1016
Dallas, TX 75243
PH: 972.235.9090 | FX:469.484.7235

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PH: 972.235.9090

DeRamus Wealth Management LLC. is an independent firm with securities offered through Summit Brokerage Services Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory Services offered through Summit Financial Group Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser.

A Registered Representative may only transact business in states where they are registered, or exempt from registration. Currently we are registered in AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, LA, MT, NJ, OR, TX and VA. If your resident state is not listed, please contact us at 972.235.9090. Under normal circumstances, securities licensing procedures for additional states may take 24-72 hours. We will not effect or attempt to effect securities transactions, or provide personalized investment advice to, or communicate directly with residents in a state in which a Representative is not registered.

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